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So I’ve been thinking a lot about whether I was gonna write this letter or no.

On one hand,
I know 
normal companies' CEO, corporatio, don’t start talking about their feelings in an email.

On another hand, my heart hurts. My mind hurts.

I’m not an LLC. I’m not a corporation.

I’m Audrey.

And I created this business less than 2 years ago.

My entire team has no idea I’m about to send this e-mail and I want to take 1 minute to thank them because they stayed with me and have been pushing me and helping me to stay positive for the past 4 weeks even if they know it’s been extremely hard, mentally and physically for me.

They believed in the mission in the good times and they still believe in the mission, right now, in the hard times and growth pain.

I know it hurts them to see people being mad at us for shipping time because they truly believe in what we’re doing and they know I'm giving my 120% to fix this and they know I work my heart out and barely sleep just to fix it and make this work better.

So here’s what I wanted to say…

From the beginning, when we started less than 2 years ago, we grew very quickly as a brand.

People loved what we were about.

The past 4 months, we reached another level of growth, doubling and tripling sales months over months as well as doubling the team.

We use to do everything at the warehouse in Brooklyn: getting the blanks (clothing) from WRAP certified factory, printing our designs on them at the warehouse and having the team pack and ship the clothing.

Then the shipping started taking way longer than usual the past month and suddenly, it was too late.

The operation became huge. The logistic became even more complicated. The solutions were there yes but long to implement. Nothing that we can fix in a second. Can it improve in a couple of weeks? Yes. Can it be running as smooth suddenly?
 No, it takes some time.

I’ve been working 10-12H a day to try to improve everything in the past 4 weeks, hire more people, find solutions, put new systems in place, turning excel sheet and pivot tables, new inventory management software, investing, investing more, but losing and losing more people's trust. That hurts. On a personal level.

Losing even more mentally because it hurts to see your baby, what you’ve put heart in soul, all your time, suddenly going through this.

So to everyone thinking and wondering what is going on, here’s what’s going on:

We grew quickly.
We're not trying to scam you. We're not trying to pretend.

And I should have been prepared, but the business wasn’t fully ready for such growth. We are working hard to improve our systems as quickly as possible and truly want to make your purchase a wonderful experience.

For everyone thinking we should have done things differently, we should have seen things coming,

You are right and I’m more than sorry.

To everyone still sending us some love and trusting us despite this
 hard time, thank you from all my heart.

It’s not easy but I will keep pushing because I know a lot of you believe in our mission.

Thank you for being there with us and being compassionate when it’s so so needed.


For everyone that ordered from us, 
We are currently shipping second, and the third week of September,  and should start shipping the single item order for the last week of September by next weekend.

For everyone wanting to order from us:
It will take 3 weeks shipping but we are definitely working hard to improve this shipping time. Thank you for believing in us!


Laura Sieckmann

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to getting my items.


Hang in there! You can do it!


Good got you sending this out. Sending good vibes your way, you have my love and support, <3


You are a small business that is growing! You got this. You can do it. You should get in contact with Elizabeth Suzann in Nashville. Her company started out like yours and now is huge and continues to grow. She has a 6 week time frame for clothing bc it’s hand made in Nashville to order. Ppl love that so much more than ordering their T-shirt on amazing and getting it the next day when it’s made by hand, with love and care.

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