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    So who are we?
    Wholesome Culture is a lifestyle brand that wants to inspire the world to choose a better, healthier plant-based lifestyle by spreading the message all around the globe in every way possible.

    We want to give as much information as we can on the animal abuse being done on the planet as well as the negative impact of meat consumption. 

    The truth is, even in 2017, very little people know that consuming meat can be bad for not only the animals but your health, the future of our beautiful planet and even the water.

    Are you not fully vegan?
    We engage ourselves to accept everyone despite their habits. We will never judge anyone that does not live a 100% plant-based lifestyle.

    Our goal is to inform and help you achieve this lifestyle if you don't have it already because we believe we don't need to try to force anything.

    By seeing the direct impact on your level of energy, your health and the animals being saved, we are convinced this will be enough to make you think it's important to make efforts and slowly do the transition.

    And I can see the next question coming...

    Are we really giving part of the profit to an animal rescue organization?

    YES! We absolutely do. 15% of our profits go to animal rescue organizations - donations are broadcasted on our Instagram and Facebook.

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