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Meatless Goes Mainstream with Beyond Meat

Meatless Goes Mainstream with Beyond Meat
(Source: Food News Feed)
By: Brittany Norris

With all the new developments in food science and financial support from big name investors like Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio, Beyond Meat has made the transition from carnivore to herbivore easier than ever. The days of ordering black bean burgers, salads, or side dishes are OVER! The Beyond Burger has everything that you’ve been missing plus 20g of protein.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Beyond Burger, it’s 6 ounces of juicy, plant-based goodness. It looks like a burger, it cooks like a burger, and it’s even kept in the meat section at most grocery stores. The Beyond Burger doesn’t contain GMOs, soy, or gluten and is one of the best meat alternatives out there in terms of taste.

(Source: Beyond Meat)

The development of this burger itself is big news, but the even bigger news is that the Beyond Burger is now being served at all 469 TGI Fridays locations nationwide. According to their website, TGI Friday’s initially tested the market for the Beyond Burger last October. The test was so successful that the Beyond Burger became the fastest test product to hit the market. Vegetarians and vegans used to be handcuffed to ordering less-than-stellar menu items or creating their meals with a long list of substitutions and special requests. To veganize the Beyond Burger, you will need to order it with no cheese or Friday’s sauce but it’s a small price to pay for something of this caliber.

Beyond Meat has done a great job creating the future of protein for those of us who are looking to cut down on our meat consumption without sacrificing flavor and taste. For the chicken lover, they have Beyond Chicken Strips in 3 different flavors. Depending on geography, your local Whole Foods may even offer a vegan “chicken salad” made from Beyond Meat chicken strips. For the beef lovers, they offer Beyond Crumbles which acts as a great substitute to tacos and pasta dishes lacking that meatier mouthfeel. Lastly, they have their newest development with the Beyond Sausage.

(Source: Beyond Meat)

Beyond Sausage was recently rolled out to the only Beyond Burger stand located inside of a Whole Foods in Boulder, Colorado. The sausages are currently limited to the Boulder market but additional locations are expected to be announced later this month. There are 3 flavors to choose from that should help satisfy the cravings of carnivores and herbivores alike: Brat Original, Hot Italian, and Sweet Italian. Similar to their other products, these sausages are a better option than their meat alternatives and high in protein.

Never before have there been so many plant-based alternatives to meat that are astonishingly accurate in terms of taste and texture to their meat counterparts. The fact that Tyson Foods has invested in Beyond Meat only drives the point home more. Left and right we are seeing companies that are notoriously known for their meat production start to invest in their plant-based competitors. 2017 was a huge year for the vegan movement and with more products coming out each day, it has never been easier to make the transition to a vegan lifestyle.


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