Do you know what movie received 4 minutes standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival this year?

This movie, Okja, presenting a young South Korean girl named Mija, whose pet (a kind of hippo / cute super pig) is kidnapped by a corrupt and cruel industry. They are on their way to slaughter the animal. The story follows the girl on her journey to save this animal from the meat industry.

The even better news? No animals were harm in this movie, and it's gonna be an eye opener for a lot of people on the possibility of a vegan lifestyle!

We're moving toward the right direction :).

You will be able to watch it on June 28th on Netflix. Can't wait!

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  • This is incredible, couldn’t believe it when I saw the trailer. They literally show in the movie how ridiculous it is to enjoy a fun time at a picnic by eating tortured flesh, i.e., a hot dog.

    Elena Fomina on

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