The Wholesome Culture Cookbook : 80+ Nourishing Recipes For Plant-Based Living


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    Irresistible plant-based cooking for every meal and everyone!

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    This cookbook is packed with a collection of over 80 plant-based nutritious and delicious recipes carefully (and lovingly) crafted, tested, and approved by the Wholesome Culture team. There’s something for everyone, from seasoned vegans, to newbies, and even those still debating going meat and dairy free.


    • Mouthwatering photos
    • Plant-based cooking tips
    • Suggestions for stocking your plant-based kitchen
    • Recipes varying in difficulty to suit beginners and expert cooks alike
    • Fresh, energizing, and delightfully creamy smoothies
    • Satisfying breakfasts to enjoy at home or take on-the-go
    • Soup, salad, and sandwich recipes that will inspire you to never skip lunch again
    • Healthy and hearty dinner ideas sure to please a crowd
    • Delectable desserts you don’t have to feel guilty about
    • Side dishes to perfectly complement every meal

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